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Search Box  

Search Box

Enter your keywords here and select a tool or resource.

Majority of the tools can use keywords you enter in the search box to return a keyword related result. For ex., you can enter your keywords and select Content > Articles > GoArticles for quick jump to articles, containing your keywords.


Menu Ideas  


Research target markets to build sites for.

Visit websites that have all the ideas you'll ever need listed as categories and subcategories within the pages of their site.

Pay attention to the types of products and services they offer, and decide which categories would make great niche content sites.

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Menu Keywords
  • Suggestions & Research
    Overture (Yahoo!) Keyword Suggestion Tool, plus estimated monthly regional search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo! and MSN, and links to price estimate tools from Overture and Google AdWords.
  • DigitalPoint (Wordtracker)
    Search Wordtracker and Overture for phrases that are searched most often.
  • Google AdWords Traffic Estimator
    Search for keyword traffic and cost estimates.
  • MSN Keyword Mutation Detection
    Search for misspellings or alternative representations.
  • NicheBOT
    Search for top 10 Keyword Discovery listings. Find exactly what people search for, so you can target the right keywords for better search engine placement.
  • Yahoo! (Overture) Bids
    Search Overture for bid price estimates.
  • Yahoo! Suggest
    Browse "Also try" suggestions of Yahoo! search results to find related phrases or niche neighbourhood.
  • Blogpulse Trend
    Use the Blogpulse Trend search to create your own graphs that plot "buzz" about specific search terms (issues, people, companies, brands, sports, etc.) in the blogosphere.
  • MSN Search Forcast
    People search different keywords at different times of the year. Enter a keyword to view its seasonality patterns.
  • Technorati Chart
    Search number of posts on blogs per day.



Menu Domains
  • DomainsBot ideas, suggestions
    Search for a great domain name containing your keywords.
  • DomainsBot Search Cloud
    An easy-to-use dynamic visual cloud that suggests new available domain names based on relations between keywords in existing domain names. Hard to explain, easy to use, addictive.
  • Dotster Suggestions
    Search for domain name ideas and suggestions.
  • Afternic
    Search domain names for sale.
  • Deleted Domains
    Search previously registered domains that are now available.
  • Registrars
    Places to register a domain name at a low price.


Menu Hosting  


Choose a reliable and inexpensive hosting provider.

Tip: host your websites on different servers, so that your sites have different IP addresses. Otherwise, Google won't count links between them.



Menu Design

Software packages to build professionally looking websites -- fast!

  • ColorImpact
    Pick a beautiful color scheme for your site.
  • phpBB
    A high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source (free) bulletin board package. Has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ.
  • Rapid Niche Websites
    Quickly create cash-pulling web sites - by simply following this easy step-by-step system.
  • vBulletin
    Powerful, scalable and fully customizable forums package for your web site.
  • WordPress
    Free blog publishing platform.
  • XSitePro
    Web design software for Internet entrepreneurs.

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Menu Content  


Places to go for content for your niche website.

Search for articles on Article Hub, images on 123RF, how-to information on eHow and more...

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Menu Outsource
  • Elance, Rentacoder
    Let experts do your projects and earn more. Free up your time -- spend a little time describing what you need instead of a lot of time doing it yourself. Your time is better spent on marketing tasks.
  • Camtasia
    Screen recording software. Use it to record yourself performing specific functions of your niche content business, and then simply give that recording to someone who you have hired to perform that job for you in the future.



Menu Promote
  • Articles
    Submit articles to article directories.
  • Blogs
    Post comments in keyword related blogs.
  • Directories
    Submit your website to free high pagerank directories.
  • Forums
    Discuss your topic on related forums.
  • Link Exchange
    Find possible link partners.

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