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Monthly Archives: July 2006

VRE Toolbar Awards

This is just a quick update about a new page on our website — VRE Toolbar Awards. Some of the awards prove that the toolbar is safe to install, contains no viruses, trojans or spyware. If you’re interested, please, visit this page: VRE Toolbar Awards.

Narrow Your Niche To Broaden Your Sales

by Michel Fortin In the competitive marketplace of the new millennium, the demand for specialized products or services will increase. If your site sells everything or to everyone, chances are that your audience will not perceive any greater value in shopping from you than anyone else. The more generic you become, the greater your competition […]

This Software Builds Content Websites With The Single Click of a Button!

I just checked out Matt Callen’s software package �called HyperVRE. What this software does is create niche websites for you that contain all the features of a �professional content website. Here are some of the features: Generates �hundreds of fresh, unique content-rich webpages from highly-targeted keyword lists. Adds extremely targeted auto-refreshing content to your website […]

Version 1.22 Available

VRE Toolbar version 1.22 available for both IE and Firefox. New features and improvements: Pressing Enter in the search box now leads to the Keyword Suggestions & Research, our most popular tool. The Keyword Suggestions & Research tool is now available from the context menu. Select any word or phrase and right-click on it, then […]

ColorBlender Added, An Online Tool For Color Matching And Palette Design!

I reviewed ColorImpact on July 10, 2006, a desktop software to create beautiful color schemes for your website with �a single click. Today, a free online alternative has been added to the VRE Toolbar Design resources — it’s ColorBlender, a free online tool for color matching and palette design.

Big Income Expansion!

The July issue of The Reese Report, The BIG “INCOME EXPANSION” Issue, will be out in a few days and will discuss many different ‘models’ for making money and how you can choose from them and add or modify your existing business with them to grow your income. What’s the best income model for you? […]

43 Things Improved

43 Things is one of the most popular resources among the Virtual Real Estate Toolbar users. It helps to find out what people want related to your keywords. It allows you to search for goals documented by their users. For instance, let’s go to the Niche Generator and pick a random niche theme (select Ideas […]

Hosting: A Special 25% Off Coupon For VRE Toolbar Owners

If you are starting a new website or adding one to your virtual real estate empire, save 25% on hosting by Globat just for owning the VRE Toolbar. Access to the coupon code is available from the toolbar only. Select Hosting > Globat to navigate to the secret page. If you don’t have the toolbar […]

ColorImpact: Create Beautiful Color Schemes For Your Website With A Single Click!

ColorImpact is an award winning software for creating harmonious color schemes for your content websites. The program is based on the color wheel used by artists for centuries. The artist’s use of complementary colors, or colors opposite on the color wheel, creates an exciting painting. There are a lot of great tools in ColorImpact, such […]

VRE Toolbar Approved By Firefox Add-ons

VRE Toolbar has been reviewed by a Mozilla Update editor and was officially added to Firefox Add-ons / Extensions ( in the following categories: Developer Tools, Search Tools, Miscellaneous.