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Niche Generator Added To The Virtual Real Estate Toolbar

niche generatorThis new tool randomly suggests profitable niche markets.

If you like the suggestion, there are quick links to the keyword research tool and the domain suggestions page.

If you don’t like it, just hit Refresh (F5 in most browsers) to get another one.

The Random Niche Generator is available from the Virtual Real Estate Toolbar. To quickly access it from the toolbar, select Ideas > Niche Generator.

You can see some websites ask to register to send you one niche a day. Others overload the page with Adsense ads, and you have to wait some time while it reloads.

Our Random Niche Generator is completely free, no registration required, and there are no Adsense ads on the page, therefore it loads much faster.

Have any ideas how to make this tool even better? Post your comment here.

— Andrei