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43 Things Improved

43 Things

43 Things is one of the most popular resources among the Virtual Real Estate Toolbar users.  It helps to find out what people want related to your keywords. It allows you  to search for goals documented by their users.

For instance, let’s go to the Niche Generator and pick a random niche theme (select Ideas > Niche Generator from the toolbar). I just did that, and  got Jacuzzi Hot Tubs.

Let’s look what people want related to jacuzzi hot tubs. I’m selecting the words Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, then  dragging and dropping them into the toolbar’s search box. Now I’m selecting Ideas> 43 Things (Goals).

If you used the 43 Things  tool from the toolbar before, you’ll notice that it works slightly differently  now. It doesn’t redirect you to the 43 Things website.  It now  gets the  goals list  from the source and displays  it on our  website instead. This allowed us to link each goal  right to the Keyword Research Tool, so that we could analize the goal phrase with one click.

Here are some examples of what I got for ‘jacuzzi hot tubs’:

buy a hot tub
own a hot tub
get a hot tub
build a hot tub
soak in a hot tub
get my hot tub working
get a hot tub for the basement
put a hot tub in my apartment
buy a hot tub/spa/jacuzzi
have a hot tub
relax in a hot tub, and even…
make love in a hot tub

This tool tells you what goals  people set. Now it’s your turn. Help them to achieve what they want with your network of niche websites.