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Version 1.22 Available

VRE Toolbar version 1.22 available for both IE and Firefox.

New features and improvements:

  • Pressing Enter in the search box now leads to the Keyword Suggestions & Research, our most popular tool.
  • The Keyword Suggestions & Research tool is now available from the context menu. Select any word or phrase and right-click on it, then choose VRE Toolbar Keyword Research.
    keyword research in context menu
  • Article Announcer added to Promote > Article Directories. Jason Potash’s Article Announcer is a very effective article marketing system complete with audios, workbooks, CD-ROM training, and software.

How to update

Select Update toolbar from the main menu:

Update Toolbar

Firefox users: if you downloaded the toolbar from Firefox Add-ons website, than you have to wait until the newer version is approved by a Mozilla Update editor.