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Microsoft’s Beta Technology Helps Build Niche Empires

One of the most effective ways to develop your empire of niche websites is creating a virtual real estate neighbourhood of several VRE sites whose topics are related to each other.

Let me show you how to organize your virtual real estate empire with a beta tool from Microsoft Research Group. You’ll know how to structure your network of niche websites, and how you can easily find out your niche neighbourhood or related themes.

The secret tool we will be using is called MSRA SRC. MSRA stands for Microsoft Research, Asia. It’s the research group that developed the tool. And SRC stands for Search Result Clustering. It’s a technology to on-the-fly cluster search results into different groups, and provide meaningful and readable names for these groups. To access the tool from the VRE Toolbar, enter your keywords in the toolbar’s search box and click Ideas > MSRA Clustering.

Let’s pick some niche to explore it’s related themes. The Random Niche Generator suggested ‘Picnic Tables’ niche for this article. Type picnic tables in the toolbar’s search box and select Ideas > MSRA Clustering.

MSRA Clustering

If you don’t have the VRE Toolbar, you can access this tool here: MSRA Search Results Cluctering. Note, that it works better in IE. For example, expanding/collapsing of groups doesn’t work in Firefox browser.

Take a look at the results in the left side frame called Result Map:

Let’s group the results slightly differently. We want to separate them into two groups. We’ll put those that contain ‘picnic tables’ in the first group. This is what our main website will be about.

picnic tables
wood picnic tables
cedar picnic tables
recycled plastic picnic tables
folding picnic tables
concrete picnic tables
round picnic tables
octagon picnic tables

The remaining key phrases give us some ideas about what related websites we can build around our main site:

outdoor furniture
park benches
picnic benches
patio furniture
plastic lumber
picnic baskets
adirondack chairs
chaise lounge

Each of these phrases is a related topic to build another website. When you’ve built your main website, you just type a related phrase in the toolbar’s search box and click Ideas > MSRA Clustering again to get start it over for your next site. For example, one of the related topics for ‘picnic tables’ is ‘picnic baskets’:

And that’s not all! There is the right frame of the search results. When you click on the term in the left frame, the right frame shows websites related to the term. You can visit them for more information about your niche, to exchange links, submit articles and setup joint ventures with them.

It’s easy to organize your virtual real estate empire with the VRE Toolbar and Microsoft Search Result Clustering.

Now it’s your turn. Type your niche theme in the search box and click Ideas > MSRA Clustering. Take Action!

P.S. The term VRE Empire was coined by John Reese. You can read more about VRE Planning and Stategy in the May 2006 issue of The Reese Report.