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Adsense Article Sites Are Dead?

Authority Sites Report by Content DeskContent Desk Team recently published a report in which they declared Adsense article sites dead. They talk about focus shift from building content sites to building authority sites.

Why should you stop building Adsense article sites? According to the Team:

Because Adsense article sites are dead. Search Engine Optimization is being replaced by Visitor Optimization and RSS is the new standard. The new way of web publishing says you should never build a static HTML website again.

They released a report called “The Authoritative Guide to Creating Profitable Authority Sites”. It contains a number of strategies you haven’t heard anywhere else.

Inside the report you’ll find out…

  • The Authority Site Formula – the profit-producing Mind Map that outlines the steps you must take to create profitable authority sites.
  • Learn the anatomy of a successful authority site – just like any puzzle there are pieces that must be in place for your site rise above the crowd.
  • The secrets of Visitor Optimization (VO) and Content Optimization (CO) – the two must-haves in authority site planning and execution.
  • The in’s and out’s of building sites that create return visitors, generate loyal subscribers, and fill your pockets with cash.
  • Why Adsense Sites and Mini-Sites are out.. and proof Google is “cracking down” and forcing you to build authority sites.

Some have called it “ground-breaking”, others have called it “a refresher course in web publishing”. You can make your own decision.

The report is FREE. You can download it here: “The Authoritative Guide to Creating Profitable Authority Sites”.