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Recent Additions To The VRE Toolbar

delicious / popular
VRE Toolbar > Ideas > / popular

Enter a tag (keyword) and select this tool. You’ll get popular posts in community for that tag. Great for finding out what’s hot for the topic. Works only with one-word keywords, because’ tags are not phrases but words.

eBay Want it now
eBay – Want It Now
VRE Toolbar > Ideas > eBay – Want It Now

eBay’s Want It Now service lets buyers post requests for hard-to-find items and allows sellers to respond to those requests with eBay listings. Browse it to find out what buyers want!

trend watching
Trend Watching
VRE Toolbar > Ideas > Trend Watching and their trend spotters scan the globe for the most promising consumer trends, insights and related hands-on business ideas. This site is a great place to visit for ideas and inspiration on building a niche website around a hot trend.

VRE Toolbar > Outsource > ScriptLance

ScriptLance is a place where you can find freelance programmers to outsource some of your tasks. If you require professional programming or website design for your business, whether its a long-term job or just a single website, you will find the help you need here at the prices you want to pay.

What resource would you like to have in the Virtual Real Estate Toolbar to help with your day-to-day niche website building tasks?