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The Right Way To Play The Google AdSense Game

I wanted to share with you a quick and valuable lesson that I and many others have learned from Internet Marketing Newswatch.

Internet Marketing NewsWatch

It is related to the right way to play the Google AdSense Game.

The Lesson is:

It is better and more profitable to work hard on creating one high-quality website that offers high-quality, in-demand information to site visitors, than to create hundreds of cheap sites, making a few bucks a day, and getting banned/dropped out of major search engines, like Google and Yahoo, in no time.

Does IMNewswatch offers high quality, in-demand information? Yes.

Will it get banned or dropped out of search engines? No, not likely.

Will it last long? Yes, as long as there is internet marketing news to be covered, which seems to be forever.

IMNewswatch is an online business. It gives people what they want and that’s how one succeeds online.

I had an SEO expert tell me that IMNewswatch could be making $1000 a day with AdSense, and that’s only the beginning. A few months down the road this figure could easily double as traffic increases.

That’s around a solid $730,000 a year. Not bad for one site.

You would need over 600 cheap sites, making $3 a day for a whole year to match this figure. That’s IF they last for a few months, let alone a whole year.

IMNewswatch Advice: You can make a lot more with Google AdSense investing time to create quality websites, rather than wasting money, time and effort creating tons of cheap perishable sites.

If you really do want to create those cheap sites, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create a few good/high-quality ones anyway.

You know something? Ultimately, it’s all about giving people what they really want, and they want hot/quality information. Give it to them. They would be happy, search engines would be happy and ultimately, you would be really happy. win-win-win.

Consider this as the most important lesson.

Mike Mograbi
Internet Marketing Newswatch