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Version 1.31 Available

VRE Toolbar version 1.31 available for both IE and Firefox.

New features:

  • Refresh ToolbarReloads the toolbar’s content. Useful when you started the browser in off-line mode, and the toolbar was unable to load its content from the server.
  • Check For UpdateThis menu option will check to see if you’re using the newest version of the VRE Toolbar, and provides an easy way to download an update if you’re not. You must have an active Internet connection to use the Check For Update command.This is what you have to do now — download the latest version.

Firefox users: If you downloaded the toolbar from Firefox Add-ons website, than you have to wait until the newer version is approved by a Mozilla Update editor. This may take up to seven days or more. Want the latest version right now? Uninstall your toolbar, then download and install the latest version from this page:

Download VRE Toolbar for Firefox

Internet Explorer users: We decided to drop the built-in RSS reader in order to improve between-browser compatibility and performance. Also, while nice, it caused IE failure on some systems. Sorry, if you it was your main RSS reader. Please, save your feeds in another one.

New tools recently added per your request:

  • Nameboy domain name suggestions (use the toolbar’s search box to search for keyword related domain names)
  • HostMonster webhosting ($4.95/mo.)
  • Install For Me free script installation service (WordPress, phpBB, Article Dashboard or any other PHP, MySQL, CGI or Perl script)
  • Template Monster web templates (now they have WordPress templates too)

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