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The Reese Report, September Issue

The Reese Report John Reese has issued the September 2006 issue of The Reese Report, absolutely packed with winning tips and strategies that he uses to build his Internet empire.

John starts this issue with the first two of Reese Rules, his set of rules for every serious Internet marketer to live by in order to establish and sustain a highly profitable business.

Reese Rule #1 —

…ahhh, I can’t publish this because of the non-disclosure agreement, sorry. This rule is crucial for your Internet business. Not following it can cost you many thousand of dollars in the next few years. But you can subscribe to The Reese Report right now and download the digital edition in five minutes.

Also in that issue…

  • How to use eBay in your Internet marketing, even if you don’t sell on eBay
  • eBay tools
  • Other great tools and resources
  • Marketing Makeovers, where John reviews websites submitted by The Reese Report subscribers, offering suggestions for improving. In this issue’s Makeover #1 John actually presents a website as an example of how a VRE site is supposed to look. This example alone can totally change the way you build your niche websites, that will result in earnings much higher than the subscription cost.
  • Profitable niche markets
  • Infoproduct opportunities

John Reese has announced what’s coming in the next issue:

  • How to quickly & easily create your own infoproducts without doing any work yourself!
  • How to get all the content you want created for your VRE empire without writing a single word!
  • ‘Secret’ resources you can use to create killer products!
  • The best web sites to use for finding content creation specialists!
  • Little-known sources to find people who will happily create infoproducts or other content for you for pennies on the dollar!
  • And much, much more!

John is offering a free copy, so that you’d test the waters before subscribing. He is very smart and you will learn a lot from reading his stuff.