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Google PageRank Increased, Googlebot Visits More Often

Google PageRank update has made its way to the Google Toolbar.

“So what. Who cares?”, you may be saying, if you are not a SEO newbie.

I do care! was a PR0 and now it has received a PR5. Have I noticed a jump in search results? Certainly NOT (and I didn’t expect it, honestly). But what I did notice from the very first day we got a PR5, is that…

Googlebot has started visiting our website several times more often.

That means we can now have new pages indexed faster.

So, next time you see somebody’s claiming PageRank is meaningless, make sure you understand what they’re talking about:

  • in most cases it has no effect on your search results positioning, but…
  • it certainly may give you some other advantages which can indirectly help to increase your rankings, such as faster indexing.

BTW, we have updated PRs of article directories in our list of Top 50 Article Directories By Traffic, Pagerank too.