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SEO Elite V4.0 Was Just Released, The Internet’s Most Powerful SEO Software

SEO Elite Software by Brad CallenBrad Callen has just announced the release of the 4.0 version of his popular SEO Elite software.

If you’re not familiar with SEO Elite, it’s main feature is to help analyze your competitor’s websites, so that you can copy what they’re doing to succeed in search engine optimization, and improve on it to grab a coveted top-10 search engine spot.

With this software, within seconds, you can find out your competitor’s entire linking strategy, and any significant data about their search engine optimization methods, including…

  • the anchor text surrounding incoming links,
  • the page titles of the webpages their links reside on,
  • the total number of times a specified keyword appears within their anchor text,
  • the email address of their websites,
  • the average Page Rank of all the websites pointing to their websites,
  • the number of PR0-10 websites linking to their websites,
  • whether the website is in the Yahoo Directory, and Wikipedia.

You’ll know exactly how you should create your own web pages for top search engine rankings. By analyzing your competitor’s pages you’ll find out the exact numbers for the following variables to optimize your website:

  • Link Density
  • Link Prominence
  • Keyword Density (How many times you should repeat your keywords on your pages)
  • Keyword Prominence (Where you should place your keywords on your pages)
  • Whether or not they’re using h1 and h2 tags AND what they are
  • Whether or not they’re using meta keywords AND what they are
  • The number of internal links on their web page
  • The number of external links on their web page
  • The age of their website
  • And much more!

The list of SEO Elite’s features is huge! But what impresses me even more is their list of verifiable success stories of online entrepreneurs who have achived top rankings in Google, Yahoo! and MSN with the help of SEO Elite.

Visit SEO Elite homepage to check this out!