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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Yahoo! Changes The Way Ads Are Ranked: How To Bid Less And Outrank Your Competitors

Yahoo! Search Marketing (Yahoo alternative to Google Adsense) announced today they change the way ads are ranked in search results beginning February 5, 2007 in the United States. Now, not only bid amount, but also ad quality will determine an ad’s rank. How you can benefit from this and outrank your competitors while bidding less?

How To Remove, Delete Or Uninstall Any Toolbar, Including Google, Yahoo, MSN or VRE Toolbar

I recently researched the keyword toolbar in the Keyword Research and Suggestion Tool. I looked for some ideas on what people want to know about toolbars. Surprisingly, I found out that what a lot of people search for is, actually, information on how to uninstall, remove or delete a toolbar.

Tutorial: Create A Fake Software Box With Photoshop

Do you sell intangible products and services like software, eBooks, subscription based websites or a newsletter? With a virtual 3D box and cover you can maximize your sales, downloads and clickthroughs. The Tutorial Blog published an interesting tutorial yesterday. It’s a step-by-step how-to article on creating a fake software box similar to this one: They […]

What Is Pay Per Lead (PPL)?

It’s One Of The Easiest Ways To Make Money Online! What Is Pay Per Lead (PPL)? The two monetization models that you are most probably already familiar with are: Pay Per Click Pay Per Sale (affiliate sale) What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)? You display PPC ads on your web pages. A visitor clicks on […]

Crucial Internet Marketing Focal Points For 2007

Anik Singal of Affiliate Classroom posted an excellent article in his blog yesterday, Anik’s “Slap-In-The-Face” Advice For 2007. Anik spent hours analyzing internet businesses of his Affiliate Classroom members to find what he think the most of us need to really focus on in 2007. He’s thought long and hard about these and really made […]