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Crucial Internet Marketing Focal Points For 2007

Anik Singal of Affiliate Classroom posted an excellent article in his blog yesterday, Anik’s “Slap-In-The-Face” Advice For 2007.

Anik spent hours analyzing internet businesses of his Affiliate Classroom members to find what he think the most of us need to really focus on in 2007.

He’s thought long and hard about these and really made sure to tie these in with the biggest trends he is seeing in online marketing for 2007. To simplify, he’s split the advice into 2 sections:

1. General Business Development Tips
2. Internet Marketing Tips

I won’t quote it here, because I really want you to visit his blog to read this valuable information in full, and file the message or print it out.

But before you leave, I’d like to mention Anik’s Affiliate Classroom Magazine too. It is a free PDF publication that helps to keep you informed of emerging marketing trends, increase your website traffic, and raise conversions and revenues. The writers, columnists, editors and teachers who contribute to Affiliate Classroom Magazine are all affiliates who speak from experience.

Affiliate Classroom MagazineThe magazine has turned two years old last month. In the December 2006 issue you’ll find a two-year retrospective, plus…

  • Cover Story: All I Want For Christmas Is The Perfect Affiliate (A Manager’s Perspective)
  • Three Products that Changed the Industry in 2006
  • The Year’s Best Web 2.0 Marketing Tactics

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