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Insider Secrets 2007 Edition Launching This Week

The #1 best-selling Internet Marketing Course online for more than 9 years running, the Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet is the product that have provided thousands of entrepreneurs with the exact step-by-step plan how to effectively market their businesses on the Internet.

Insider Secrets course

The 2006 version of this course (see picture above) contained over 1300+ pages of the most up-to-date Internet marketing strategies and tactics. There were two 8″ x 11″ full-color three ring binders containing 9 steps, broken down into 70 lessons with step-by-step instructions included for every promotion and strategy.

And it also included five resource CDs and one audio CD, plus two DVDs with additional lessons, examples, audio interviews, and articles, as well as timesaving software and invaluable resource files.

Derek Gehl recently announced on his blog that the 2007 edition will be launched this week:

We’ve researched and tested ALL of the latest marketing strategies — so we could find out EXACTLY what’s working and what’s not.

We revisited our time-tested strategies to make sure they’re still as effective now as they used to be. We looked at all of the hottest new tools and techniques that have cropped up since last year.

And then we analyzed and tested them to find out exactly which ones were worth adopting — and which ones were “here today, gone tomorrow” strategies that didn’t deserve our attention.

When we were finally done, we poured the results into one comprehensive, 1,000-page, step-by-step package: our freshly updated and expanded “Insider Secrets” course.

This course will certainly help you dramatically improve the performance of your online business. Don’t miss the launch – I’m sure, they will provide some sort of discount or a special offer. Go to the course website, subscribe to their newsletter and keep your eyes on your inboxes!