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Insider Secrets Course 2007 Edition Has Been Just Released!

We announced earlier that Derek Gehl is about to launch the 2007 edition of this best-selling Internet Marketing Course. It’s been just released! So you can start profiting immediately from the HOTTEST Internet moneymaking secrets for 2007.

Insider Secrets Course

More Advanced Profit Secrets Than Ever Before!

Even the most experienced website owner is sure to find tons of great new ideas for boosting sales, including strategies like…

  • A surprisingly EASY, perfectly legal way to get Google to index and rank your website almost instantly.
  • Capitalize the hot trend of “social networking” — and start driving qualified buyers to your website through sites like MySpace and YouTube.
  • How to get “whitelisted” with Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail (plus 34,000 other domains) — and guarantee the delivery of every email you send.
  • An in-depth Wordtracker tutorial that’ll explain how you can use this popular tool to find undiscovered niche markets and hot product ideas.
  • Tips for using your blog to create a “Pre-launch Buzz” — and sell dramatically more products and services, FASTER, when you actually release it
  • Hot-selling tips for profiting from the 2 Million shoppers who visit eBay every single day.
  • The 3 NEW criteria used by “spam filters” to deliver your email — accreditation, reputation, and authentication. (It’s NOT about your email content any more!)
  • Get the 7 key strategies used by the Web’s most popular bloggers to drive 1,000s of readers to their website — every single day.
  • … Plus tons more than I have room to list here.

The Most Complete Internet Wealth System — EVER!

And of course, as always, they’ve packed in hundreds of ideas for increasing sales with fresh product, website design, copywriting, business automation, traffic generation… and more!

Don’t be surprised if your Fedex delivery guy is sweating a bit when he arrives at your door with your Insider Secrets Course…

… Because this year, you’ll be receiving a hefty 10lb box, jam-packed with…

  • Two 8″ x 11″ full-color three ring binders.
  • 8 steps, broken down into 64 lessons with step-by-step instructions included for every promotion and strategy.
  • Two 400+ page packages for a total of 819 pages, with tab inserts to keep you organized.
  • A “quick-start” guide that’ll allow you to make maximum progress on your business in minimum time.
  • A full-color, poster-size business plan chart, to help you visualize the process of starting your business, set goals, and track your progress!

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