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We’ve just added a bookmark to into the VRE Toolbar (see Ideas > This resource can inspire you what niche business to start. is the Web’s premier site for setting, managing, and reaching personal and professional goals. Their website users can set as many goals as they like, creating custom GoalPlans from scratch or selecting from a library of pre-made GoalPlans that contain expert advice for accomplishing the goal.

There are literally hundreds of subcategories in their goals directory, from all areas of interests. For example, there are 100+ subcategories in the Personal Growth & Interests category alone.

Inside every subcategory there are two lists. The first one is called “Some ideas” and the second one is “Pre-made Goalplans”. This is where it gets interesting!

Let’s take a look at the “Some ideas” list in the Family & Relationships > Clothing & Personal Style (Women) category:

  • “To dress for success”
  • “To always look well groomed”
  • “To keep my fingernails manicured”
  • “To always have polished shoes”
  • “To revamp my wardrobe”
  • “To shop with a wardrobe consultant”
  • “To smile more”
  • “To always look and act like a gentleman”

💡 Ring a bell? In most cases, you can simply add the word “How” and get a great theme for a $7 report and/or a niche website:

  • “How To Dress For Success”
  • “How To Always Look Well Groomed”
  • “How To Keep Your Fingernails Manicured”
  • “How To Revamp Your Wardrobe”
  • etc…

Now, go to the To Dress for Success (Women) Pre-made Goalplan. Wow, it’s almost ready-made Table of Contents for your future $7 report or even an eBook! There are Obstacles, and there are Tasks and Milestones to resolve the problem, and that’s exactly what you should write about!

  • Obstacle: I need to determine the appropriate dress for my chosen career.
    • Task: Talk to professionals in the field
    • Task: Get a book about dressing for success
    • Task: Look at career-oriented magazines
  • Obstacle: I need to get two weeks’ worth of career clothes.
    • Task: Organize my closet
    • Milestone: Get an “interview” suit
    • Milestone: Get at least five everyday business outfits
    • Milestone: Get two outfits suitable for casual day(s)
  • Obstacle: I need to keep my clothes looking professional
    • Task: Keep work clothes in good condition
    • Task: Find a good dry cleaners that does alterations
    • Task: Keep shoes in good condition
    • Task: Find a good shoe repair shop

…And that’s only part of them.

I’m sure, you’ll love this resource for your niche ideas.

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