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What Is AdSense Brokerage (Not Arbitrage)?

Dr. Patrick Hillenbrand, an Australian AdSense Expert and his team, is creating shockwaves in the internet marketing community by releasing some groundbreaking AdSense news, powerhouse techniques & winning strategies in the brand new online “AdSense GPS Roadmap”. Have you for example heard of “AdSense Brokerage”? If not then read on.

Someone wrote that “your AdSense business will not be the same after you have visited Dr. Hillenbrand’s website that is currently attracting AdSense publishers worldwide”.

In fact, Patrick Hillenbrand made $10,852 in just the first month using No search engine traffic at all. His AdSense Decoded videos deliver useful comprehensive answers how to instantly achieve sustainable profits from AdSense even without having access to any initial organic traffic.

And as if that is not enough AdSense Decoded reveals additional AdSense driven revenue streams that easily plug in to any AdSense business to monetize AdSense publishers’ pages much further.

This is a brand new concept. It’s called “AdSense Brokerage” (NOT arbitrage), and it is currently creating a whole new chapter in how to make money with AdSense. “AdSense Decoded” shows publishers how easy it is to monetize on every single visitor, not just once but multiple times.

Dr. Patrick Hillenbrand also validly argues that there is a paradigm shift in AdSense marketing. He says:

Niche Targeting is out! Lost are those guided in that direction.

Tomorrow’s top AdSense earners know that it is far better to target well paying advertisers than high paying ads, as street smart AdSense publishers and advertisers know that supply and demand is everything.

AdSense Decoded is advocating a smart strategy: As internet visitors are becoming ever more demanding to be informed and not sold to, gone are the days where an AdSense Publisher could just feed people ads to be clicked on. AdSense Decoded addresses and teaches exactly how these new marketing conditions are best met.

Whether you are new to AdSense or a seasoned publisher AdSense Decoded delivers an invaluable step-by-step video roadmap how to instantly improve your current AdSense earnings by using techniques previously only known to only a handful of top earners, Patrick Hillenbrand included.

If you are in any way working with AdSense, check the AdSense Decoded project out today!

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