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If you’ve ever had to write something for yourself, whether it’s a resume or a more in-depth piece for your company website, you’ll know how difficult it can be. You can spend hours staring at a blank screen, wondering exactly where to start. Thankfully, there are professionals around who can do this for you, and nowhere is this more apt than at the relatively young site,

Have you ever tried to find a freelance writer to complete your work for you? Then you know exactly how difficult it can be to find a good one. Not only does the writer have to know your exact needs, he or she has to be able to write the kind of article that you yourself would be happy to talk about – therefore, finding a good writer is paramount to any success an article is going to bring you.

This is where is different from the majority of the other sites out there. Due to the way that is set up, you can be sure that you’re only getting the very best, not one time but every time. This is due to the unique way that both clients and writers can communicate with each other, and the rigorous quality control that the owner Scott Foster instills on both sides.

The NAA Difference

Unlike the majority of other freelance writing sites, puts equal emphasis on both client and writer. The benefit of this is that only the best writers are attracted to the site, while clients can relax, safe in the knowledge that their requested work is going to be written by someone who knows or can research the chosen subject well. So how does it all work, and how will it benefit you?

The NAA Writers

One of the key differences in the approach of is the way that the writers on the site are chosen. Unlike other freelance sites, where pretty much anyone who knows how to use a computer can enroll – and if you’ve used any of these sites, you’ll know what that can mean regarding quality – NAA has a strict pre-membership writing test to take.

And since the writers are drawn from all walks of life, with various levels of experience in a whole host of topics, can probably boast one of the most comprehensive knowledge bases around. Couple that with the ability to provide informative articles that are still entertaining, and you can see why this site is fast becoming one of the best on the market for article requests.

The Benefits to the Client

However, it’s not just with its writers that NAA excels (although this is a key strength). It’s also in the way that it’s been set up with the client in mind as well, to make sure that although it’s an automated service, it never feels like you’re left out of the loop.

For instance, the user interface that greets clients when they log in to their private members area is extremely streamlined and easy-to-use. The simple user page allows you to see the status of your article request through the whole submission process – when a writer has picked it up, when it’s been submitted to the proofreader, and when it’s ready to collect and use wherever you need it.

It also allows you to request one-time changes to an article, if you feel that the writer has missed an important piece of information, for instance. This kind of interactivity is pretty much unheard of with this kind of site, and helps stand out from its competitors. – The Way Forward

Perhaps the best recommendation for is the simple fact that it’s an ever-changing process. New features are being added all the time, such as the ability to request ebooks and sales copy.

By having a professional writer come up with unique content on these kind of articles, as opposed to relying on often-stale sounding private label ebooks and articles, you’ll have a much better chance of standing out from the crowd. And that’s got to be worth anybody’s time and money.

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