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Mining Hot Niches

Mining Hot Niches
Simon Hodgkinson has launched Mining Hot Niches — a collection of highly informative video tutorials that take you by the hand and guide you through the wonderful world of niche market research.

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll discover in these video tutorials:

  • Where to dig up an almost limitless supply of re-useable content to create new products.
  • How to use Google to find an instant list of customers.
  • The lazy marketer’s way to find out exactly how much people are prepared to pay for your niche products.
  • Why Amazon should be a first place to visit if your trying to establish what sites to build for Adsense or affiliate marketing.
  • How to really use eBay to identify hot, in-demand products.
  • Plus how to turn your eBay research into killer info-products and Adsense revenue.
  • A little known spot on eBay where you can find an army of instant BUYERS…
  • Discover how to find lava hot niches with Myspace (in seconds) And how to use an often overlooked feature to unearth targeted niche goldmines.
  • How to use PayPal as a million dollar marketing research tool.

This is a real CD-ROM delivered direct to your door, not a downloadable video. The price is only $17 plus shipping.

Link: Mining Hot Niches

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