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John Reese announced today that his long-awaited mega-project,, is set for a public launch this Friday, September 14th.

The first “piece” of the puzzle is BlogRush, “a free service that will help any blogger generate more traffic and readers for their blog.”

According to John Reese:

Using RSS technology and some of our own, we’ve built an amazing platform to help bloggers receive “mass distribution” for their content across the Internet. And our system doesn’t spam or abuse the Internet in anyway. And it doesn’t try and ‘game’ Google either.

This ‘process’ provides incredible LEVERAGE. You can have a blog that gets just 1 visitor a week, but if that next visitor happens to be someone with a blog that gets 25,000 visits a day, and they click your widget and sign up, you’ll start having your blog posts promoted over 25,000 TIMES A DAY. And that doesn’t even count all the potential “viral growth” that can then occur from that blog referring other blogs. It’s very, very powerful.

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