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Google Hot Trends Added

Google Hot Trends
We added Google Hot Trends to the Ideas menu of the VRE Toolbar.

Hot Trends reflects what people are searching for on Google today. With Hot Trends, you can see a snapshot of what’s on the public’s collective mind by viewing the fastest-rising searches for different points of time. You can see a list of today’s top 100 fastest-rising search queries in the U.S. You can also select a recent date in history to see what the top rising searches were and what the search activity looked like over the course of that day.

Rather than showing the most popular searches overall, which would always be generic terms like “weather,” Hot Trends highlights searches that have sudden surges in popularity. Google’s algorithm analyzes millions of web searches performed on their search engine and displays those searches that deviate the most from their historic traffic pattern. The algorithm also filters out spam and removes inappropriate material.

For each search, Hot Trends shows related searches, a search-volume graph, and the top cities. It also displays news, blog, and web results to help give context about why a search may be appearing on the Hot Trends list today. You can also choose a date in the past to see what the top Hot Trends for that date were.

Google updates Hot Trends hourly.

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