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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Amazon Launches Payment Services Alternative To PayPal

Amazon announced the availability of new online-payment services it will offer to online merchants, Checkout By Amazon and Amazon Simple Pay. Checkout By Amazon Checkout By Amazon is a complete checkout solution. It lets web site visitors sign in to web sites using an Amazon Account login and buy items using the familiar Amazon’s 1-Click® […]

Niche Marketing Riches In 6 Weeks Or Less Free Report

Patrick Chan of The Chan Do Internet Success System released the Niche Marketing Riches In 6 Weeks Or Less free report. In this 6-week blueprint report Patrick Chan shares his experience on how to start your own online niche business today: How to find the idea for your niche business The method that you can […]

Marketers Pledge Teleseminar With Niche Marketing Experts

Sylvie Fortin has announced Marketers Pledge teleseminar with highly successful online marketers to answer some of the most burning questions on the minds of aspiring business owners. Questions like: how to find profitable niches in the market how to make money with a blog how to select a price for your product when starting, what […]

Nichification Is The Key

Dr. Ralph Wilson of Web Marketing Today published an article on how to select a niche that has enough demand to generate adequate revenue, but not so much competition that advertising costs are excessively high. In the article, How to Fail at Online Business – Neglect Niche Marketing, he explains why franchise businesses and MLM […]

VRE Toolbar Compatible With Firefox 3

We have updated Virtual Real Estate Toolbar for Firefox so that it is now fully compatible with Firefox 3. Please, follow the link above to install the latest version.

Google Keyword Tool Now Shows Search Volume Data

If you’ve ever used Google Keyword Tool, you know they always represented search volume for a keyword by a rating from 1 (Low search volume) to 5 (High search volume). Now, when you use the Keyword Tool to search for relevant keywords to include in your keyword list, you’ll be able to see the approximate […]