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  1. SEO Slugs WordPress Plugin
    Posted on 01-Apr-07. Filed in Content, Design, Free Stuff, SEO, Software.
    If you’re using WordPress for your niche websites or blogs, this plugin can help you optimize your blog post URLs for search engines. When you publish a post with a title like this: “What You Can Do Immediately For Higher Rankings”, WordPress automatically assigns a long filename to your post, called a post slug: /what-you-can-do-immediately-for-higher-rankings […]
  2. SEO Elite Improved, Free Trial Available
    Posted on 07-Feb-07. Filed in Article Directories, Free Stuff, SEO, Software.
    SEO Elite, the Internet’s most powerful search-engine optimization software, just got even better. Brad Callen of Bryxen Software, Inc., the author, reported today that they’ve added a brand new project type to allow you to submit your articles to article directories easily. There are entire programs that are made to ONLY submit your articles to […]
  3. SEO Elite V4.0 Was Just Released, The Internet’s Most Powerful SEO Software
    Posted on 27-Nov-06. Filed in SEO, Software, Traffic.
    Brad Callen has just announced the release of the 4.0 version of his popular SEO Elite software. If you’re not familiar with SEO Elite, it’s main feature is to help analyze your competitor’s websites, so that you can copy what they’re doing to succeed in search engine optimization, and improve on it to grab a […]
  4. Web CEO 7.0 Is Just Released
    Posted on 29-May-07. Filed in Article Directories, Free Stuff, Keyword Research, SEO, Software.
    WebCEO is the most complete SEO software package on the planet which includes 12 SEO tools in one powerful SEO suite. It is a full-range search engine optimization software with advanced site troubleshooting and web analytics functionality. The latest version of the best-of-breed SEO/SEM software is available now! More speed and power to solve your […]
  5. The Rebirth Of Internet Marketing Report By John Reese
    Posted on 01-May-07. Filed in AdSense, Content, Free Stuff, Income, SEO, Traffic.
    John Reese published a special report called The Rebirth Of Internet Marketing. It’s a 53-page free PDF report packed with extremely valuable information about the present and future of Internet Marketing. There’s a massive revolution about to occur all across the world and those that truly understand it can get rich. In fact, this revolution […]
  6. Brand-New Site Gets #2 On Google In Less Then 30 Days
    Posted on 11-Nov-06. Filed in SEO, Traffic.
    As you’re reading this, your competition is getting thousands of free visitors each day from the search engines. They understand one of the best-kept search engine optimization secrets in Internet marketing. They know something you don’t. It doesn’t have to be that way. I’m going to show you the strategies that one guy used to […]
  7. Google PageRank Increased, Googlebot Visits More Often
    Posted on 09-Oct-06. Filed in Article Directories, SEO, VRE Toolbar.
    Google PageRank update has made its way to the Google Toolbar. “So what. Who cares?”, you may be saying, if you are not a SEO newbie. I do care! VREToolbar.com was a PR0 and now it has received a PR5. Have I noticed a jump in search results? Certainly NOT (and I didn’t expect it, […]
  8. The Right Way To Play The Google AdSense Game
    Posted on 14-Aug-06. Filed in AdSense.
    I wanted to share with you a quick and valuable lesson that I and many others have learned from Internet Marketing Newswatch. It is related to the right way to play the Google AdSense Game. The Lesson is: It is better and more profitable to work hard on creating one high-quality website that offers high-quality, […]
  9. Brad Callen’s 7 Steps To Building a VRE Empire!
    Posted on 07-Jul-06. Filed in Content.
    In his recent email, Massive VRE Guide: Here’s your step by step guide for building a VRE empire!, Brad Callen wrote: I’ve spent the past couple of weeks writing a mammoth sized lesson on the exact steps you should be taking to create a VRE empire, as John Reese calls it. VRE = Virtual Real […]
  10. Niche Website Marketing Tool: Myriad Search Authority Finder
    Posted on 22-Jun-06. Filed in VRE Toolbar.
    This review starts a series of articles dedicated to make you familiar with VRE Toolbar resources. If you haven’t installed the toolbar yet, you can download it free of charge. No registration required. It is widely accepted that Google and other major search engines now place a very high importance on inbound links from authority […]
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