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The Reese Report, October Issue

John Reese has issued the October 2006 issue of The Reese Report, absolutely packed with winning tips and strategies that he uses to build his virtual real estate empire. His main topic for this month’s issue is Content Creation, and here’s a quick list of topics he covers: How to quickly and easily create your […]

The *Big* “Article Marketing” Issue

The August issue of The Reese Report, The BIG “ARTICLE MARKETING” Issue, will be out in a few days and will discuss the following topics: How articles can bring you an ongoing flood of subscribers and sales! How to leverage articles for massive AdSense profits! How to get tons of traffic from other people’s articles! […]

Adsense Article Sites Are Dead?

Content Desk Team recently published a report in which they declared Adsense article sites dead. They talk about focus shift from building content sites to building authority sites. Why should you stop building Adsense article sites? According to the Team: Because Adsense article sites are dead. Search Engine Optimization is being replaced by Visitor Optimization […]

This Software Builds Content Websites With The Single Click of a Button!

I just checked out Matt Callen’s software package �called HyperVRE. What this software does is create niche websites for you that contain all the features of a �professional content website. Here are some of the features: Generates �hundreds of fresh, unique content-rich webpages from highly-targeted keyword lists. Adds extremely targeted auto-refreshing content to your website […]

Brad Callen’s 7 Steps To Building a VRE Empire!

In his recent email, Massive VRE Guide: Here’s your step by step guide for building a VRE empire!, Brad Callen wrote: I’ve spent the past couple of weeks writing a mammoth sized lesson on the exact steps you should be taking to create a VRE empire, as John Reese calls it. VRE = Virtual Real […]

How To Find Quality Podcasts For Your Niche Website

Podcast is the latest buzz word in the Internet world. It refers to radio-style audio or video recording that is available for download from a web site. Adding audio or video podcasts to your blog or web site is a great marketing strategy, because podcasts add value to your site and encourage people to return […]

Resource Added: Article Alley

A new article directory has been added to VRE Toolbar: Article Alley Article Alley is a popular site dedicated to the promotion of its author’s content around the web. It offers many valuable features such as a dedicated page for every author, plus a great visit counter so you can track how many visitors each […]