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We’ve just added a bookmark to into the VRE Toolbar (see Ideas > This resource can inspire you what niche business to start. is the Web’s premier site for setting, managing, and reaching personal and professional goals. Their website users can set as many goals as they like, creating custom GoalPlans from […]

Carver’s Case Study From Idea To Profitable Online Business

Duncan Carver of Online Marketing Today started a project of developing a new niche website from idea to a monthly income of approximately $2,000 per month. The most interesting part: you can follow along, step by step, as he takes this new project from idea, to implementation, to profitable online business.

A Favorite Quote On Creating Products And Solutions

I’m creating products and solutions that help other people. I’m doing what I want to do — and oh yeah, it’s beginning to show in my wallet too. But it’s my spirit that drives my greatness, not my bank account. — The Rockefeller Files (free download)

Researching The Profit Potential Of A Niche Using Free Online Tools

Gary Harvey, “Mr. FindHotMarkets”, offers a free 14-page report How To Research The Profit Potential Of Any Niche, Using Free Online Tools. When selling a product, a lot of people make the mistake of developing their product first, and then trying to find a market for it. Of course, the process should be reversed. Find […]

Free Report: AdSense Newbie Makes $9,000 In AdSense Commission In One Month!

This 47 page eBook outlines a very detailed method of making money online, that anybody can follow. It is a step by step plan showing you how one person is making a killing, with literally no knowledge of this in the past, and with very little effort. He was previously very active in the eBay […]

A Focused FLOOD Of Income Video by John Reese

John Reese’s recent video, The Biggest Myth About Building Wealth has sparked hundreds of controversial comments on his blog, as well as on other people’s blogs and on popular Internet Marketing forums. Just a couple of days after that, John’s decided to pour gas on the fire! …and created a follow-up video, A Focused FLOOD […]

The Reese Report, October Issue

John Reese has issued the October 2006 issue of The Reese Report, absolutely packed with winning tips and strategies that he uses to build his virtual real estate empire. His main topic for this month’s issue is Content Creation, and here’s a quick list of topics he covers: How to quickly and easily create your […]

The Reese Report, September Issue

John Reese has issued the September 2006 issue of The Reese Report, absolutely packed with winning tips and strategies that he uses to build his Internet empire. John starts this issue with the first two of Reese Rules, his set of rules for every serious Internet marketer to live by in order to establish and […]

Keyword Research Tool, Random Niche Generator Updated

Keyword Suggestion and Research Tool and Random Niche Generator were updated today to use AJAX technology. What’s in it for you? Faster response to your requests, because the browser doesn’t reload the entire page, but only receives the information that was changed. For example, when looking for a niche, you usually reload the Niche Generator […]

Recent Additions To The VRE Toolbar / popular VRE Toolbar > Ideas > / popular Enter a tag (keyword) and select this tool. You’ll get popular posts in community for that tag. Great for finding out what’s hot for the topic. Works only with one-word keywords, because’ tags are not phrases but words. eBay – Want It […]