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Category Archives: VRE Toolbar

VRE Toolbar Compatible With Firefox 3

We have updated Virtual Real Estate Toolbar for Firefox so that it is now fully compatible with Firefox 3. Please, follow the link above to install the latest version.

Google Hot Trends Added

We added Google Hot Trends to the Ideas menu of the VRE Toolbar. Hot Trends reflects what people are searching for on Google today. With Hot Trends, you can see a snapshot of what’s on the public’s collective mind by viewing the fastest-rising searches for different points of time. You can see a list of […]

Hostgator Eats Up The Competition With Their $4.95 Hosting Plan

If you’re looking for a cheap but reliable hosting for your Virtual Real Estate websites, HostGator is currently offering their Hatchling Plan for only $4.95 (one domain) or $7.95 (unlimited domains). Each plan includes: Disk Space: up to 600 GB – more than enough for your VRE empire. Bandwidth: 6,000 GB – that’s a lot […]

Free Website Templates

Open Source Web Design templates is one of the most popular links in the Virtual Real Estate Toolbar. It’s a great place to visit whenever you’re looking for new website design ideas or templates. Today, we are adding another resource to the toolbar’s Design menu: Free CSS Templates. They are currently providing 230 professionally looking […]

Need An Article – The New Voice In Quality Writing

If you’ve ever had to write something for yourself, whether it’s a resume or a more in-depth piece for your company website, you’ll know how difficult it can be. You can spend hours staring at a blank screen, wondering exactly where to start. Thankfully, there are professionals around who can do this for you, and […]

An Official Announcement: The Internet Has Run Out Of Niches — NOT!

Here’s a question I felt I had to answer as part of “Make Your Dreams a Reality!” month, since it’s probably one that a lot of beginning marketers have on their minds. It comes from Katerina, who writes: I have read all the ebooks and have the programs to find niches and still I come […]

VRE Toolbar One-Year Anniversary

These days we celebrate a One-Year Anniversary of Virtual Real Estate Toolbar. The toolbar was started as a convenient way to organize my efforts of building and promoting my VRE websites. I wanted a tool that would be able to guide me through the entire process: from picking the idea for the new website >> […] Your Source For Niche Ideas

We’ve just added a bookmark to into the VRE Toolbar (see Ideas > This resource can inspire you what niche business to start. is the Web’s premier site for setting, managing, and reaching personal and professional goals. Their website users can set as many goals as they like, creating custom GoalPlans from […]

Researching The Profit Potential Of A Niche Using Free Online Tools

Gary Harvey, “Mr. FindHotMarkets”, offers a free 14-page report How To Research The Profit Potential Of Any Niche, Using Free Online Tools. When selling a product, a lot of people make the mistake of developing their product first, and then trying to find a market for it. Of course, the process should be reversed. Find […]

Keyword Suggestion: AOL Data, Save To Excel Added

We added two features to the Keyword Suggestion Tool: Estimated AOL monthly search volume. Ability to save results as a CSV file, that can be easily imported into MS Excel or any other spreadsheet software.