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Category Archives: VRE Toolbar

Version 1.31 Available

VRE Toolbar version 1.31 available for both IE and Firefox. New features: Refresh ToolbarReloads the toolbar’s content. Useful when you started the browser in off-line mode, and the toolbar was unable to load its content from the server. Check For UpdateThis menu option will check to see if you’re using the newest version of the […]

Keyword Research Tool, Random Niche Generator Updated

Keyword Suggestion and Research Tool and Random Niche Generator were updated today to use AJAX technology. What’s in it for you? Faster response to your requests, because the browser doesn’t reload the entire page, but only receives the information that was changed. For example, when looking for a niche, you usually reload the Niche Generator […]

Recent Additions To The VRE Toolbar / popular VRE Toolbar > Ideas > / popular Enter a tag (keyword) and select this tool. You’ll get popular posts in community for that tag. Great for finding out what’s hot for the topic. Works only with one-word keywords, because’ tags are not phrases but words. eBay – Want It […]

Google Trends Added To The VRE Toolbar

Google Trends was added to the VRE Toolbar to help with your online marketing research. It looks in Google searches to give you a better idea of the activity of a term over a set period of time that you specify. It then shows you a graph with the results. You can use this tool […]

Top 10 Resources — July, 2006

Here are the most popular resources offered by the Virtual Real Estate Toolbar in July, 2006. Privacy note: The VRE Toolbar collects anonymous statistical usage data but it DOES NOT spy on your browsing habits. It does not track webpages you visit or keywords you use in the search box. Please see our Privacy policy. […]

Microsoft’s Beta Technology Helps Build Niche Empires

One of the most effective ways to develop your empire of niche websites is creating a virtual real estate neighbourhood of several VRE sites whose topics are related to each other. Let me show you how to organize your virtual real estate empire with a beta tool from Microsoft Research Group. You’ll know how to […]

VRE Toolbar Awards

This is just a quick update about a new page on our website — VRE Toolbar Awards. Some of the awards prove that the toolbar is safe to install, contains no viruses, trojans or spyware. If you’re interested, please, visit this page: VRE Toolbar Awards.

This Software Builds Content Websites With The Single Click of a Button!

I just checked out Matt Callen’s software package �called HyperVRE. What this software does is create niche websites for you that contain all the features of a �professional content website. Here are some of the features: Generates �hundreds of fresh, unique content-rich webpages from highly-targeted keyword lists. Adds extremely targeted auto-refreshing content to your website […]

Version 1.22 Available

VRE Toolbar version 1.22 available for both IE and Firefox. New features and improvements: Pressing Enter in the search box now leads to the Keyword Suggestions & Research, our most popular tool. The Keyword Suggestions & Research tool is now available from the context menu. Select any word or phrase and right-click on it, then […]

ColorBlender Added, An Online Tool For Color Matching And Palette Design!

I reviewed ColorImpact on July 10, 2006, a desktop software to create beautiful color schemes for your website with �a single click. Today, a free online alternative has been added to the VRE Toolbar Design resources — it’s ColorBlender, a free online tool for color matching and palette design.