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ArticlePool Article Directory

One of the latest additions to our List of Top 50 Article Directories is Article Pool article directory.

NoFollow Tags In Article Directories

Our list of Top 50 Article Directories now marks those article directories which use nofollow tag in author’s resource box. These sites are marked with the NF! sign.

Niche Calculator For Article Marketing

Anik Singal of Affiliate Classroom posted a video on it’s new AffSphere blog about finding profitable niches for article marketing with some information on their much awaited Niche Calculator. They discuss why a good niche in PPC is not necessarily a good niche for article marketing (and vice versa). After today’s video, you’ll never have […]

Google Pagerank Updated In The Top 50 Article Directories List

You may have noticed that Google has updated it’s Pagerank values. This affected the positions of article directories in our list of the Top 50 Article Directories by Traffic, Pagerank. Most Interesting Gainers One of the most popular article directories, is back from pagerank 3 to well-deserved pagerank 6. Several directories reached pagerank 5: […]

Amazon Launches Payment Services Alternative To PayPal

Amazon announced the availability of new online-payment services it will offer to online merchants, Checkout By Amazon and Amazon Simple Pay. Checkout By Amazon Checkout By Amazon is a complete checkout solution. It lets web site visitors sign in to web sites using an Amazon Account login and buy items using the familiar Amazon’s 1-Click® […]

Marketers Pledge Teleseminar With Niche Marketing Experts

Sylvie Fortin has announced Marketers Pledge teleseminar with highly successful online marketers to answer some of the most burning questions on the minds of aspiring business owners. Questions like: how to find profitable niches in the market how to make money with a blog how to select a price for your product when starting, what […]

Article Template: Pain Avoidance

Do you often fail to write a new article because the pain of producing it exceeds the future pleasure of your gain from the article? Chris Knight of published the Pain Avoidance article template that can help you speed up the creation of your next set of quality original articles by addressing this time-proven […]

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset… Your Data!

What would you do if you suddenly lost your data? How much would it cost to recover? Would your business survive? We now provide the most cost effective, reliable, secure and convenient way to automatically back up your mission critical data offsite every night. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if the unexpected happens (systems […]

Secure Card: PayPal To Offer Yet Another Way To Make Payments

PayPal has announced they are launching a way for its customers to make payments on web sites that do not accept PayPal. They offer a downloadable software utility that is called PayPal Secure Card. The utility automatically detects when a customer visits an e-commerce checkout page, generates a unique MasterCard number, and then helps fill […]

YieldBuild To Maximize Your Adsense Revenue

If you are an Adsense publisher, you’ve certainly read a lot about the importance of testing your Adsense blocks placement, colors and size to improve the ad’s CTR. But the truth is, after a publisher has placed Adsense ads into the web page, the ads’ formatting and placement is seldom tested and altered to get […]