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John Reese announced today that his long-awaited mega-project,, is set for a public launch this Friday, September 14th.

The first “piece” of the puzzle is BlogRush, “a free service that will help any blogger generate more traffic and readers for their blog.”

According to John Reese:

Using RSS technology and some of our own, we’ve built an amazing platform to help bloggers receive “mass distribution” for their content across the Internet. And our system doesn’t spam or abuse the Internet in anyway. And it doesn’t try and ‘game’ Google either.

This ‘process’ provides incredible LEVERAGE. You can have a blog that gets just 1 visitor a week, but if that next visitor happens to be someone with a blog that gets 25,000 visits a day, and they click your widget and sign up, you’ll start having your blog posts promoted over 25,000 TIMES A DAY. And that doesn’t even count all the potential “viral growth” that can then occur from that blog referring other blogs. It’s very, very powerful.

Read more: BlogRush

18 Web-Marketing Concepts That Make A Difference

1. Think Audiences Not Markets

What’s your market? Hire a consultant to help you with your Web-business problems and one of the first questions he or she will ask is, what’s your market? How about eighteen to thirty-four year old, single male college graduates with a dog named Spot; or maybe forty-five to fifty-nine year old married women, who hate their husbands and can’t get their adult children to move out of the house. Maybe, just maybe, they’re asking the wrong question.

The Web isn’t about markets, it’s about audiences. Audiences need to be entertained, enlightened, and engaged, and if your website doesn’t, you’re never going to achieve what you want.

Time to rethink how you’re delivering your marketing message. Start treating Web-visitors like an audience not a market, and you might just find what it takes to be successful on the Web.

2. Think People Not Customers

You know all those visitors you attract to your website with your brilliant search engine optimization schemes, how many actually purchase anything? Stop treating visitors as if they are already customers and start treating them like what they are – people. That’s right, people. You know the two-legged funny creatures with wants, needs, desires, and maybe even a few bucks to spend.

Customers are always looking for a deal and they’re leery of websites that only want to take their hard earned cash. Treat your Web-visitors like people who can satisfy their wants, needs, and desires with your assistance and guess what? Maybe it will make a difference: one small step for Web-credibility, one giant leap for Web-success.

3. Think Experiences Not Features

Bought any good features lately? Didn’t think so. You would think the way business pushes the whole feature-frenzy thing that features are exactly what people are looking for, but nobody buys features, they don’t even buy solutions – boy doesn’t that whole solution provider nonsense really get to you after a while.

What people really buy are experiences, hopefully positive ones. Whether it’s soft ice cream or a new accounting program, what people are paying for is the experience your product or service provides.

Does your website offer an experience? Does it explain the experience your product or service delivers? If it doesn’t, then you really haven’t got anything anybody wants.

Mining Hot Niches

Mining Hot Niches
Simon Hodgkinson has launched Mining Hot Niches — a collection of highly informative video tutorials that take you by the hand and guide you through the wonderful world of niche market research.

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll discover in these video tutorials:

Need An Article – The New Voice In Quality Writing

Article Writing System

If you’ve ever had to write something for yourself, whether it’s a resume or a more in-depth piece for your company website, you’ll know how difficult it can be. You can spend hours staring at a blank screen, wondering exactly where to start. Thankfully, there are professionals around who can do this for you, and nowhere is this more apt than at the relatively young site,

How To Select The Perfect Niche

The most important thing in Internet marketing is niche selection. Without the right niche your sales will be virtually non-existent. This is where a lot of people make their mistakes. When looking for a niche they will try to promote something that interests them. There is nothing wrong with this, but you have to be absolutely sure that there is a hungry market for it.

Niche selection can be very tricky. A lot of people will pick a niche, promote it for a while, make no sales and just give up. They will claim that niche marketing just doesn’t work and that anyone that says it’s profitable is lying. Well, the truth of the matter is, a lot of people, even top Internet marketers will pick a bad niche from time to time. But the key is not to give up. If you pick a niche that isn’t profitable throw it out and move on to the next one.

What Is AdSense Brokerage (Not Arbitrage)?

Dr. Patrick Hillenbrand, an Australian AdSense Expert and his team, is creating shockwaves in the internet marketing community by releasing some groundbreaking AdSense news, powerhouse techniques & winning strategies in the brand new online “AdSense GPS Roadmap”. Have you for example heard of “AdSense Brokerage”? If not then read on.

Someone wrote that “your AdSense business will not be the same after you have visited Dr. Hillenbrand’s website that is currently attracting AdSense publishers worldwide”.

In fact, Patrick Hillenbrand made $10,852 in just the first month using No search engine traffic at all. His AdSense Decoded videos deliver useful comprehensive answers how to instantly achieve sustainable profits from AdSense even without having access to any initial organic traffic.

An Official Announcement: The Internet Has Run Out Of Niches — NOT!

Here’s a question I felt I had to answer as part of “Make Your Dreams a Reality!” month, since it’s probably one that a lot of beginning marketers have on their minds.

It comes from Katerina, who writes:

I have read all the ebooks and have the programs to find niches and still I come up empty handed because when you follow the directions you discover that most of the niches I like have a high demand but also high supply.

I have not found yet a niche that has a good demand but a low supply.

Are niches all dried up now?


New Software For Webmasters And Web Designers, Registration Code Giveaway

We have just launched a new software for website builders, webmasters and web designers called Website Toolbox Pro.

Website Toolbox Pro

It is a collection of over 30 generators, Web 2.0 elements, tools and scripts to speed up website building process and save time and money — all in one Windows application.

Website Toolbox Pro includes:

  • a color palette generator,
  • gradient images,
  • stripe backgrounds,
  • rounded corner generator,
  • a favicon generator,
  • .htaccess, .htpasswd and mod_rewrite generators,
  • regular expression creator,
  • a robots.txt file creator,
  • a website translation script,
  • most popular javascripts
  • and more…

The software sells for $29.95, but we want to give you a registration key for free.

VRE Toolbar One-Year Anniversary

These days we celebrate a One-Year Anniversary of Virtual Real Estate Toolbar.

The toolbar was started as a convenient way to organize my efforts of building and promoting my VRE websites. I wanted a tool that would be able to guide me through the entire process:

  • from picking the idea for the new website >>
  • to creating a list of related keywords, >>
  • to choosing a domain name and hosting, >>
  • to designing the website and filling it with related content, >>
  • …and finally, to driving traffic, over and over, and over again.

Many people liked the tool, and I made it semi-public, for The Reese Report subscribers only. That version was for Internet Explorer only, and I started getting requests to create a Firefox version.

After a short period of time, the FF version has been launched, and both versions became public.

Over 20,000 webmasters and online entrepreneurs have downloaded the VRE Toolbar since July 2006. Thousands of them are using it daily.

I would like to thank all contributors and users of Virtual Real Estate Toolbar for your help and suggestions to make it even better.

Andrei Mikrukov

Niche Product Idea — Help People To DIY

I recently found out, that a lot of Internet users search for “DIY something”. (DIY stands for Do It Yourself.)

Here’s a simple business model based on this:

  1. Research diy key phrases and choose a theme for your future product, for example:
    • diy scrapbooking
    • diy home improvement
    • diy plumbing
    • diy computer repair
    • diy auto repair
    • and so on…
  2. Create an info product showing or telling them how they can “do it yourself”:
  3. Create a simple website and drive traffic to it.

That’s it. Just wanted to share this niche marketing idea with you.

Have a nice day!